Genshin Impact Price Increase on Gems: Players Quit


If you are a player of Genshin Impact you appreciate the fantasy open world environment and action-based battle system within the game.

It has been one of the most successful mobile games of all time. Within two weeks the game grossed over $100 million in revenue.

Although it is free-to-play, the game offers an in-game store to purchase gems and items.

These store transactions have totaled over $250 million in revenue for the game.  

Genshin Impact Specific Country Price Increases

Despite its success, some fans are outraged by recent pricing changes to the game.

As of yesterday, the game issued price increases for the following countries: Indonesia, India, South Africa, Iceland, Russia, Columbia and Brazil.

Fans initially thought the reason for these price increases was that the prices in these countries were significantly lower than in other countries when converted to USD.

Many fans believe that the reason for these price increases is because players were using a VPN to make purchases from these countries and pay less money.

genshin impact price increase

This can be disputed, because many companies have ways to prevent this from happening with VPN blocking and banning.

Many feel that Mihoyo the developer of Genshin Impact has the ability to do this and can prevent people from using a VPN in such a way.

What Caused the Increase In Gem Prices?

genshin impact price increase
Here is an update they posted to Facebook in Portuguese.

The developer has stated that the reason for the price increases is “due to policy changes on App stores”. 

This would make sense regarding the Apple Store, but this explanation becomes less clear when referring to the Android stores.

The price increase was very substantial and raised the price of items 70%-80% in the affected countries.

This is a very substantial price increase and it is hard to see how changes in the App store lead to almost a doubling in price for in-game items.

Players Are Quitting

genshin impact price increase

This hefty price increase is leading to some players deciding not to invest any more money into the game.

One player stated:

“I personally was going to buy the last two bundles without the first purchase bonus and was just waiting for the 8th…well, that ain’t happening anymore Mihoyo.” 

The main reason most fans are outraged over this price increase is due to the complete lack of warning from Mihoyo about the price increases.

Most companies announce a price increase and give players some time to either make purchases at the lower rates, or adjust to the new pricing structure – this was not the case with Genshin Impact.

The price increases were announced the day they went live. This gave fans no heads up and left them without any options to purchase items/gems in bulk before the price hike.

Will This Kill the Game?

It has yet to be seen just how much of an effect the Genshin Impact price increase will have on the game.

With most of the game’s revenue coming from China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States it is doubtful that these price increases will have a dramatic effect on the game’s success.

Mihoyo knows this and most likely made these decisions knowing they would have very little impact on the game’s overall revenue.

However, the fans who were impacted by these price increases still have every reason to be upset.

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