Gift of Vesiphone – WoW Shadowlands Guide

gift of vesiphone wow shadowlands

Where To Find The Gift of Vesiphone

The Gift of Vesiphone is 1 of 15 Treasures of Bastion available in the WoW Shadowlands expansion.

The gift is located in Bastion at Purity’s Pinnacle, east of Aspirant’s Rest flight point.

The coordinates for the chest are /way 64.87 71.14

The coordinates for the waterfall are /way 64.6 71.3


  • Max level (60)
  • Proof of Purity buff (obtained near the treasure)

How To Get The Gift of Vesiphone

gift of vesiphone wow shadowlands
Image Credit: World of Warcraft
  • Once you arrive at the coordinates, you must ring either one of the two bells next to the treasure.
  • Ringing the bell will grant you the “Proof of Purity” buff which lasts 2 minutes.
  • Kill the lingering impurity mob that spawns.
  • Then run over to the waterfall nearby and stand under the water for a moment.
  • You will be granted the buff and can now open the Gift of Vesiphone.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial instead, watch the video walkthrough below.

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