Glamrock Bonnie Mod Download FNAF Security Breach

glamrock bonnie mod fnaf download

In this guide we show you how to download the Glamrock Bonnie mod for FNAF Security Breach. This mod changes the skin of Monty but does not adjust or change any gameplay.

Who is Glamrock Bonnie?

Glamrock Bonnie was an animatronic who used to be part of the group in the Pizzaplex. He was replaced by Monty as the bassplayer in the band.

We never see Bonnie in-game but he is mentioned in the lore. The only time he is ever seen is in the illustration for the Bonnie Bowl.

How to Download the Glamrock Bonnie Mod

If you want to download & play this mod yourself just follow these simple instructions. You will need to download a program called Unverum to make the process slick & easy.

  1. First you will need to download a program called Unverum. This is a mod management program that makes it easy to install / activate mods for numerous games.
  2. Next download the Glamrock Bonnie mod files from They will come in a .zip archive that includes two different .PAK files.
  3. Create a folder called Glamrock Bonnie Mods & extract the two .PAK modded files you downloaded into this folder.
  4. Launch the Unverum software & select FNAF: Security Breach from the dropdown list of games in the top left of the program.
  5. Open Steam & go to your game library. Right-click on FNAF & select properties. From this screen select Local Files & then Browse. You will now see the local files of the game.
  6. Copy the path of the games local files folder displayed at the top of the folder.
  7. Next go back to Unverum & select “Setup” in the top menu. When the folder opens paste the path you just copied into the path shown in Enverum.
  8. Select the FNAF .exe file & open it in the program.
  9. Go to the folder where you placed the modded files & copy the path.
  10.  Now select “Add Mods” in the top menu of Unverum. Name the mod “Bonnie Over Monty” & then select the first mod file.
  11.  Hit “Add Mods” again, name the mod “Bonnie Over Monty Broken” & select the second mod file in the folder.
  12.  Make sure the option in the top menu of Unverum says “Executable” & then hit launch. You should now be able to play the Glamrock Bonnie mod!

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to download & play the Glamrock Bonnie mod for FNAF Security Breach.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about how to download this FNAF mod.

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