Gorilla Tag Cosmetics – How to Get Them & Equip Them

how to get gorilla tag cosmetics

When it comes to VR games and the rising popularity of a virtual space where you can be whoever and do whatever you want, Gorilla Tag is one of the most popular ones and is consistently topping the charts above classics such as Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx because of the indie appeal and free form gameplay.

And along with a lot of games in the genre, Gorilla Tag comes with a lot of in-game collectibles and other kinds of content to keep its users hooked, and for a good reason. These appear in the form of cosmetic items that the player can collect and equip for the in-game currency they have earned.

What are cosmetics in Gorilla Tag?

Well, cosmetics are items you can purchase through the game’s currency, Shiny Rocks. The easiest way to earn these rocks is to look at your daily board and do the quests marked on it. After you complete them, they will show up in your inventory, much like in any other game. Additionally, you can also buy this currency in exchange for real money on Steam and the in-game store.

You get cosmetics through the store mentioned above, which has various seasonal and regular items on the list for you to purchase. In addition, gorilla Tag has a vast inventory and variety of these items, namely the Original, City, Halloween, and Holiday cosmetics.

What are the rarest/most Expensive Cosmetics?

gorilla tag rarest cosmetics

If we were to make a tier list of cosmetics that you can acquire in the game, it would have to start with one of the most valuable ones according to the Tag community; The Banana Hat.

Very on-brand for the game, the Banana Hat was introduced as part of a DLC and has since been a meme for the entire community, making it an absolute top-tier accessory to have on your character. Additionally, the Banana Hat can be purchased for 2000 shiny rocks.

The Sun hat is another comically long hat that users love to have on their character. The meme-ability of the cosmetics in this game drives their appeal, making it one of the best cosmetics to have in the game, available for 1000 shiny rocks.

Next up is the Flower Crown. Propagating peace is difficult in a game where the only option is to chase down the other players, but the irony of the Flower Crown makes for great entertainment, and the joke isn’t lost on the community. Take my 2000 rocks!

Wrapping Up

So, this is how you get your cosmetics in Gorilla Tag.

So, go out there with your shiny new Flower Crown and get ready for a good old-fashioned tag!

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