Hellfire Tincture: Risk of Rain 2 Guide

risk of rain 2 hellfire tincture

The Hellfire Tincture is a powerful orange rarity item in Risk of Rain 2. In this article we’ll breakdown everything we know & show you how to acquire this item for yourself.

What Is the Hellfire Tincture?

The Hellfire Tincture is a rare & powerful piece of Lunar equipment. Like all Lunar items the tincture has powerful effects as well as drawbacks.

In order to unlock this item you must first complete the “Multikill!” challenge by killing 15 enemies simultaneously.

When activated your player will begin to take fire damage equivalent to 5% of your max health / second.

This will also deal half of the amount of damage to your nearby allies & 24x the damage to all nearby enemies.

Tips & Tricks

With the right strategy & stack of equipment the Hellfire Tincture can be super OP. Here are a few strategies to test out while using the tincture.

Equipment Drone – Pairing the Hellfire Tincture with an Equipment Drone is a powerful combination that works well due to the drones large health pool. This combo quickly vaporizes any enemies in the area. However the drone may burn to death unless you also have a healing drone around.

Tougher Times – If you have the Tougher Times teddy bear available you have a chance of blocking the self damage that the Hellfire Tincture will inflict on you. This can come in handy in tough situations.

That’s all you need to know about the Hellfire Tincture in Risk of Rain 2! We hope you found this article helpful.

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