Hello Kitty Theme: Among Us Hello Kitty Mod

among us hello kitty theme

Among Us Hello Kitty Theme

Among Us has been one of the most popular games this year.

Although it was originally released in 2018, it has gained popularity in 2020 due to many streamers and Youtubers playing it live on their streams.

There has been a lot of buzz around this game, and the community has come together to create a lot of interesting mods for the game.

One of the newest and most popular mods to be released is the Hello Kitty Among Us Mod. 

What is the Hello Kitty Theme?

The Hello Kitty Among Us mod gives players the ability to transform the ship into a Hello Kitty themed universe.

Furthermore, the mod converts the crewmates and impostors into Hello Kitty characters.

This leaves the entire Among Us game feeling like a Hello Kitty game, while keeping all of the Among Us gameplay mechanics intact.

What is really cool about the Hello Kitty mod, is the level of detail it goes into.

All of the tasks within the game are converted to Hello Kitty themed tasks and the ship is highly detailed with Hello Kitty themed paintings and artwork.

If you are using the mod, only you can see the Hello Kitty modifications – meaning other users won’t be affected by you using the mod.

This allows you to use the mod undetected by others in the lobby. 

Why Users Love the Mod

This mod was first introduced by YouTuber Yoon_uxu, and ever since it was released gamers around the globe have been going crazy over this mod.

It is the perfect mod to make the experience of Among Us that much richer.

It completely transforms the game into another world, and adds the charm and cuteness of the Hello Kitty universe to an already fantastic game.

Fans have fully embraced this mod, and even though the current version is only available in Korean, this is not stopping fans around the world from using it. 

How to Get the Mod

among us hello kitty theme

As of now, the mod is only available for the PC version of Among Us and as I mentioned earlier, it is only available in Korean.

With that being said the fastest way to install the Hello Kitty Among Us mod is by going to this link and downloading the files.

Once you have the files downloaded you need to install the files into your Among Us app.

Once the files are properly installed, the game should load in with the Hello Kitty theme. For more information and detail on how to download and install the Hello Kitty Among Us mod check out this helpful video.

*If this is not working for you, have no fear – you are not alone.

As of right now the mod is not working properly within Among Us.

It is unknown what the root cause of this issue is, but we will update you on the status of this mod as we get more information.

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