Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Before You Buy

hood outlaws & legends before you buy

Looking for some vital information on Hood: Outlaws & Legends before you purchase the game? In this article, we’ll cover some pros and cons of the game and if it’s worth the buy.

Objective of the Game

Find the Sheriff

Upon spawning into a game with your crew your initial objective is to locate the Sheriff, who is a huge NPC guard that spawns randomly on the map, and steal his key.

It is recommended that you play slow & stealthily during this phase of the game. If you make any noise or get spotted by the other guards in the area, that section of the map will go into lockdown.

When in lockdown, the entire enemy team can see you & your crew through the map highlighted in red.

Find the Vault

After you steal the Sheriff’s key, you must locate the correct vault for which the key will work. This adds some replayability to the game as the correct vault randomly spawns in 1 of many locations each round.

Extract the Chest

If your team is the first to unlock and pickup the chest, you get decide which extraction point to take it to.

Depending on where the vault spawns, one team will always have a large advantage since the extraction point is closer to one spawn than the other.

A good strategy is to move the chest closest to the extraction point that is closest to your base. This allows you to spawn closer to the chest when it’s time for extraction.

The final step is to winch the chest to the final spot & win the game.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Pros

All Purchases Are Cosmetic Only

So far, all DLC and items that are available to purchase from the shop are purely cosmetic. This is a fresh breath of air as many games have fallen victim to pay to win models.

Characters Are Balanced Well

While many players have complained about some characters being too OP or useless, the fact is that the game is pretty well balanced.

Mastering your characters move set in different combat situations will ensure that you always come out ahead, even against ranged characters.

The Game Is Fun & Fresh

The PvPve genre is still pretty new and has a lot of room to grow. Hood is a great introduction into this genre despite many critical reviews.

While the game is far from perfect, it is fun to play with friends and is a breathe of fresh air from the games & genres we are use to.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Cons

Steep Learning Curve & Clunky Combat

There are a lot of high level players who make the game difficult to play if you don’t have much playtime so far. Learning your way around the clunky combat mechanics will greatly improve your gameplay.

Sheriff Awareness

The Sheriff is strong, but he is not very smart & aware of players in his area. He might need a buff to make the game more challenging.

Extraction Phase

The extraction phase has been bothering a large amount of players. The game turns from a slow, stealth based mission into an all out TDM style brawl.

This can be frustrating because even if your team played well the whole game, theres still a struggle at the end which can leave you without earning any gold.

Winching Mechanics

During the winching phase, the enemy team can steal the win and most of the gold if they crank the winch pat the last point.

This can be a pain because if your team does all of the work, you can still lose if the enemy cranks the last winch.


In conclusion, Hood is a fresh break into a newer genre of gaming. There is a lot the game needs to improve on in order to sustain its life, but is fun to play in the meantime.

If you have a few $ to spare, you’ll most likely get your moneys worth with this new title.

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