Pet Sim 99 came out almost two months ago, and along with it came a bunch of new mechanics that didn’t exist in Pet Simulator X. One of these new mechanics is Clan Battles, which allow users to compete against each other for super rare rewards.

How Do Clan Battles Work in Pet Sim 99?

Clan battles are a group-based activity where each player contributes clan “points” by completing specific tasks designated for the current active battle.

For example, the first-ever Clan Battle, the Festive Clan Battle, required players to open as many presents as possible to gain points. Small presents were worth one point, and Titanic Gifts were worth 850.

The battle usually lasts a few weeks, and the clan that earned the most points is crowned the winner, and every clan member (not just the owner) is rewarded with the winnings.

To participate in a Clan Battle, you must either form your clan using a Clan Voucher or get invited to join another clan.

Both of these methods will cost you a decent amount of gems, as the Clan Voucher is worth around 800k gems, and most clans charge a few hundred thousand to millions of gems to join them.

You can buy a Clan Voucher from other players at the Trading Plaza or for 300 Robux from the in-game shop.

Once one battle ends, another begins, and the tasks required to earn points change from event to event.

Clan Battle Rewards in Pet Sim 99

The top 50 clans at the battle’s end receive various rewards depending on where they rank. The rewards change for every Clan Battle, so if you are in a strong clan that wins a lot, you will always get new rare loot.

The reward levels are as follows:

  • Top 50 Clans: Bronze Reward (usually some unique booth)
  • Top 3 Clans: Silver Reward (usually an Exclusive Egg & unique hoverboard)
  • #1 Clan: Gold Reward (very rare Huge Pet)

Sorry to burst your bubble; if you planned on winning or finishing Top 50 in a Clan Battle in Pet Sim 99, you will have to spend a ton of Robux/real $ to get the items you need to earn points for your clan.

It mostly seems like a feature made for huge YouTubers so that they can compete with each other for clout.

Most popular clans will kick you out if you aren’t actively donating gems or helping gain clan points, so make sure you are dedicated to the cause before joining a popular clan.