How Do You Get Netherite In Minecraft?

how do you get netherite in minecraft

Are you new or an old player returning to Minecraft for the Caves and Cliffs update this year?

One of the the many new additions is netherite, which is stronger than diamond tools.

As well as being more durable than diamond armor and tools, netherite is also capable of floating on lava and cannot burn.

Watch this video below for some quick facts about Netherite.

How Do You Find Netherite?

Netherite does not appear as its own ore like the other materials in Minecraft such as diamond or iron.

Instead Netherite is only found as Ancient Debris in the Nether.

Ancient Debris is an extremely rare block that spawns around Y-level 15, but can also be found in chests inside of bastion remnants.

minecraft netherite how to
An Ancient Debris block in the nether

Ancient Debris can only be mined with a diamond or netherite pickaxe.

When ancient debris is smelted in a furnace you will get a netherite scrap. Then in order to craft a netherite ingot you will need 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots.

The netherite scraps and gold ingots can be placed in the crafting table with any order.

How to Craft Items With Netherite

In order to obtain Netherite armor and tools you will need a smithing table. Unlike most armor and tools in the game you do not craft Netherite at a crafting table.

Instead you upgrade your existing diamond armor or tools with a netherite ingot to turn it into netherite armor.

When you upgrade your diamond items to netherite the new netherite item will keep the same durability, enchants and custom names that were assigned to the diamond armor used.

In order to craft a full set of netherite armor and tools you will need 9 netherite ingots. Which means you will need 36 netherite scraps or ancient debris as well as 36 gold ingots.

You will also need all the diamonds needed to craft your diamond armor and tools that will be upgraded.

minecraft upgrade gear netherite
Upgrading a diamond sword to netherite sword in a smithing table

This coupled with the rarity of ancient debris makes netherite armor and tools one of the more difficult sets to obtain and is currently the best set of items in the game.

Other uses for Netherite:

Netherite ingots like most other ingots in the game can be crafted into a netherite block with 9 ingots.

One netherite ingot with chiseled stone bricks can be used to craft a Lodestone. This is a block that can alter where your compass points and is usable in the Overworld, Nether, and the End.

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