How Do You Get Sun Ore in Demonfall?

sun ore demonfall

Within Demonfall, you’ll be required to collect a variety of items for quests, crafting, selling and more. As a result of this, there are bound to be materials that are more sought after than others. One such resource is Sun Ore. A highly valuable ore that is needed to craft high tier weapons. This guide aims to help you obtain some.

How Do You Get Sun Ore in Demonfall?

The mining mechanic is extremely useful for making money and collecting crafting materials.

In order to mine Sun Ore, you’ll have to acquire a pickaxe from the Miner in Hayakawa Village.

Once you’ve obtained a pickaxe, you’ll be able to mine Sun Ore from various outcrops across the map. Sun Ore & Iron Ore spawn together throughout the world.

sun ore demonfall

For a more detailed guide on mining and the best location for it, make sure to check out our guide on farming ores in Demonfall.

Free Sun Ore From the Final Selection 

A guaranteed 20 Sun Ore can be obtained by completing ‘The Final Selection’ quest, which requires you to slay a total of 30 demons, with the optional challenge of killing the Blue Demon within a 45 minute time limit.

sun ore demonfall

Note: slaying the Blue Demon does not garner extra rewards, so you might want to avoid doing this. 

After completing this, you’ll then be given your 20 Sun Ore. This is an alternate way to farming it from around the map.

What is Sun Ore Used For?

As of right now, both iron and sun ore don’t have a large amount of uses. Although, the current uses for Sun Ore are extremely good.

The Slayer Nichirin is one such item – after completing Final Selection, you’ll be able to visit the blacksmith and upgrade your rusty Nichirin using the 20 sun ore you obtained from completing the quest.

demonfall thunder nichirin

You must have completed Final Selection for this to unlock, so don’t panic if you aren’t given the option.

How to Make a Custom Nichirin

From here, you can then move on to craft a Custom Nichirin – an extremely powerful weapon based on one of the many Breath types.

It’s strength does come at a cost, however. 

In order to craft the Custom Nichirin you’ll need the Slayer Nichirin from earlier, 10,000 Yen, 20 Sun Ore and 1 Crystal Essence.

And to get ahold of the needed crystal essence, you’re going to need a Crystal Key.

This in of itself is quite a grind, requiring you to fetch 10 demon horns, 10 sun ore, a demon collar, a green horn and 500 Yen.

Once you’ve gotten the key, you’ll be required to slay the Crystal Demon in Okuyia Cavern. 

After gathering all the necessary materials, you’ll finally be able to craft the Custom Nichirin. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide will have taught you all you need to know for Sun Ore! Which Custom Nichirin is your favorite? Make sure to let us know!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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