How Do You Use a Composter in Minecraft?

minecraft composter how to

In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about crafting & using a composter in Minecraft.

What Does the Composter Do?

The composter in Minecraft is used to recycle various plant & food items into bone meal. The bone meal can then be used to fertilize other crops & make them grow faster.

Some of the items that you can’t recycle include (bamboo, poisonous potatoes, dead bushes, meat & fish).

When the composter reaches the 7th level of compost & is completely full with compostable items, you will receive 1 bone meal the next time you use it.

How Do You Use the Composter?

You can find a composter organically on farms inside of NPC villages.

You can also craft the composter. It is easy to make & only takes a few materials. To craft one you will need 7 wooden slabs of any wood type.

Follow the crafting recipe below to see how the composter is made.

minecraft composter crafting recipe

Once you have the composter crafted you can begin adding plant & food items to it & begin the composting process.

When you empty the composter you will receive 1 bone meal.

Addition Information

You can also add a hopper to your composter which will automatically pull bone meal from it when it is full.

This can be helpful for creating a large farm or a machine that auto composts & creates bone meal for you.

A hopper or dropper can also be added above the composter which can be used to fill it & create an automatic process.

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