The highly-anticipated sequel, “Remnant 2”, will be released on July 25th, 2023. With its imminent launch, questions surrounding its mechanics, particularly its co-op scaling, have risen.

Co-op Scaling: Speculations and Insights

Given the scarcity of concrete details about the co-op scaling in “Remnant 2”, fans have turned to online communities for speculation and insight. A glance at Reddit reveals a few prevailing theories:

  • Similar to the Original?: Some users believe the new title might carry forward mechanics from its predecessor. In the original Remnant game, health scales and damage dealt or received were governed mainly by the host’s difficulty of choice. A more experienced player joining a beginner might quickly find themselves downing bosses, provided the beginner is the host.

  • Scaling by Gear Level: Another perspective suggests the game could scale based on the gear level of the highest-equipped player.

  • Individual Difficulties: A deviation from the original’s design might be in the works. Recent developer videos have hinted at players having personal difficulty settings when they join a multiplayer game.

While these insights shed some light on the matter, the actual mechanics will only become apparent post-launch or if the developers decide to share more.

Looking Back: Level Scaling in the Original Remnant

To anticipate the future, it’s often beneficial to revisit the past. In the first “Remnant” title, level scaling was based on a player’s potential power.

The system gauged the highest-level item across each slot, disregarding the lower-level items.

This means that if a player had multiple low-level items and just one high-level item, only the high-level item would influence the scaling.

Furthermore, upon entering a new zone, the game gauged your current level and generated an area with a difficulty level slightly higher than yours.

This ensured that players found a challenge waiting for them, even as they progressed.

Will Remnant 2 Retain the Same System?

While the above explains the original game’s mechanics, the question remains: Will “Remnant 2” employ the same system?

Some speculate that while the sequel might draw from its predecessor, there could also be significant tweaks based on player feedback and the developers’ vision.

For players eager to dive into the co-op experience, monitoring developer updates and community discussions post-launch might be wise.