Flame Altars are a vital part of the core gameplay of Enshrouded. When placed strategically, they provide efficient movement around the map and serve as the central hub for constructing your bases.

If you plan to play with a large group of friends or construct many bases around Embervale, you’re probably wondering what the maximum number of Flame Altars that you can place is so you can work around it. Here’s what you should know.

How many Flame Altars can you place in Enshrouded?

The maximum amount of Flame Altars that you can place around the map in Enshrouded is 8. At flame level one, you can place a maximum of two altars, and every flame upgrade until level four increases that allowance by two, for a total of 8.

The cap is a global server cap, so if other players vacuum them up, you’ll be SOL.

There have been some rumblings online in the Steam Community and Reddit that this cap could be raised to 20 when the entire game is released, but no developers have confirmed that.

Some players are convinced that the cap is currently 20, but this screenshot from user Lightning in the Steam community says otherwise.

maximum number of flame altars you can place in enshrouded

Either way, the current cap has been a pain point for many players hoping to spread out from their large groups and mind their own business, but the game is meant to be a co-op game at heart, which could explain the cap.

Most players worried about the cap are concerned about their items and resources being stolen, which is a pretty standard thing to worry about when playing survival games of this nature **cough cough** ARK **cough*. So, I understand their grievances.

If the cap is truly a pain point for you, your best bet is to learn how to play nice with others until it’s increased (if ever) and learn to make do with what you have because you may be waiting a while.

After all, Enshrouded is meant to be a co-op experience with your closest pals and comrades, where the worries of thievery and exploration fade away as you become one.

So don’t let the altar cap ruin your experience. No cap.