How To AFK Farm Coins in Bot Clash Roblox

how to afk in bot clash roblox

Hot on the heels of the pet-collection games rapidly becoming the most frequently and continuously played games on Roblox, Bot Clash is the newest craze taking over the platform.

Similar in function and appeal to smash-hits like Pet Simulator X and Collect All Pets, Bot Clash replaces the aforementioned furry companion with a more cyber-based aesthetic, allowing players to collect and fight with several powerful bots.

How to AFK Farm in Bot Clash Roblox

While afk-ing or farming while away from the keyboard is a good strategy for most players to make the game’s grind easier, Roblox has a rule where it kicks the player after 20 minutes of continued inactivity. Although the game allows for afk farming, it is still bound to the platform.

So let’s take a look at how you can get farming without being kicked out in Bot Clash! First, you need to know that Bot Clash has an in-built feature that enables you to auto-attack enemies and generates materials and other in-game items.

To take advantage of the auto-attack system, you need to stand between three elites, make a triangle out of them with you in the center, and hammer away at one of them.

To make a triangle out of three elites, you need first to kill one of them, rapidly kill a common enemy, and then make sure you find a spot where other elites have spawned.

This is going to be your triangle. After that, there is not much else left to activate auto-attack and look at the carnage you have now given birth to (teehee).

Although that is a feature in the game itself, let’s talk about Autoclicker, a software that allows you to farm for items and bypass Roblox criteria for sustained activity!

How to Get (and setup) Autoclicker

So what is Autoclicker? Exactly what it says on the box. Autoclicker is software that allows you to program your mouse clickers to specific keys on your keyboard.

It can be programmed to work with any other in tandem without it being illegal, which makes it the go-to for most Roblox farmers.

To set up the auto clicking program you will first need to download Autoclicker by Murgee (This one is only available for Windows users for the time being).

After the download, run the program and set it to activate a mouse button press from either a keyboard press or at whatever interval you need, allowing your fingers some much-needed rest from the mashing.

This is especially helpful with Roblox, as it cannot distinguish Autoclicker’s work from yours, and the server will not remove you for inactivity.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know in order to get started farming your way to billions in Bot Clash on Roblox.

Just make sure you give your computer a break if you plan to AFK for long periods of time. Happy farming, Bots!

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