How to Beat Primadon in Deepwoken

how to beat primadon deepwoken

Deepwoken is a permadeath, anime-styled experience that boasts powerful bosses, such as the Primadon, a giant-class, predatory monkey found on The Monkey’s Paw Island. This article will look at how to find, spawn, and ultimately defeat Primadon and what loot and rewards you can earn.

How Do You Get to The Monkey’s Paw Island?

Here are the steps to reach Monkey Paw Island:

  • From the docks of Etria, take a boat and sail out to the right and through the tunnel.
  • After passing through, you will want to sail straight until you see a second tunnel. You should now be in Songseeker Wilds.
  • Immediately take a right into the Aratel Sea and go through another tunnel.
  • You will know you are going in the right direction if you see two parallel white lines on either side of your boat. If you move across these lines, you will slow down.
  • Keep an eye out for an island on the right, and dock your ship there.
  • You have now entered The Monkey’s Paw.

How Do You Get to the Fire and Summon Primadon?

Keep climbing up The Monkey’s Paw, and you will find a burning fire at the top center of the island.

If you don’t have high agility or any jump-boosting move, you can utilize the large tree next to the wall, climb it, and make your way to the plateau.

Once you cross the plateau, you will find a chasm leading to the island’s center with a grassy jut and a burning fire. This area is called Primadon’s Hunting Grounds.

To summon Primadon, offer five monster parts (such as Megalodaunt Hides, but not Lionfish Scales) to the fire. Primadon will then spawn, and you will have precisely 10 minutes to defeat it.

What Are Some Tips and Methods for Defeating Primadon?

Here are our top tips and methods for defeating Primadon:

  • You only have to worry about Primadon’s punches and grabs if you try to run away from him. It is recommended to stay as close and as still as possible while fighting, as it is easier to see his stomps and kicks coming.
  • Only the left leg makes the triple stomp attack. The stomps can be parried three times.
  • The right leg makes the kick attack, which is easy to see as the leg winds up before kicking. It would be best if you dodged it.
  • For Primadon’s punches and grabs, it is recommended to dodge them. You can parry the punch, but it is hard to tell a punch from a grab, which you can’t parry.
  • If you are fighting Primadon in a group, the recommended party should be three people between levels 35 and 40.
  • Be careful not to get gripped by Primadon, as he can send you directly to The Depths.

What Are the Rewards for Defeating Primadon?

primadon chest loot deepwoken

Primadon drops 17 chests after being defeated, including one chest with a rare gem valuable for your Mantras.

This loot also contains items from The Depths, the Enforcer Axe, and the Shattered Katana.

Wrapping Up

Primadon is a fearsome boss, but now that you are equipped with the proper knowledge, you can go into battle and summon this monster with complete confidence.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on finding or defeating Primadon, leave us a comment below.

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