Sense of Duty is the second trial you must complete when working on the Tushita Scroll trials.

Head to the Tushita Scroll pedestal at the Floating Turtle mansion and click on it to activate the second trial.

Teleport to the Castle on the Sea and search for an NPC from the Pirate Raid event.

Defeat any NPC that is a part of the raid event. It doesn’t matter which you choose, so choose the weakest target.

Once you defeat the NPC, you will be awarded an Alucard Fragment, and you can head back to the Floating Turtle mansion to begin the third trial for the Tushita Scroll.


  • You might have to server-hop to start the Pirate Raid if you can’t get it to spawn.
  • You can complete the trial on a private server in peace, which will still count.