How to Become a Mole & Troll People in Wacky Wizards

whack a mole troll wacky wizards update

Wacky Wizards just came out with their newest update the Vegetable Update. With the update comes the new Carrot ingredient, and fun new potions! In this article we’re going over which potion you need to troll players in the Farm.

How to Make the Mole-morph Potion

mole morph potion wacky wizards

The first thing you need to do in order to successfully troll other players is making the Mole-morph Potion. To make this potion you’ll need the new Carrot ingredient, so make sure to finish the quest before trying to troll!

You’ll also need the Cooked Turkey ingredient, place both the Carrot and the Cooked Turkey into your cauldron. Spawn your potion, and now you have the Mole-morph Potion to use!

Drinking this potion turns you into a mole that moves around under the ground when going from place to place.

How to Troll Players in the Garden

whack a mole troll wacky wizards

To start having fun trolling other players the first thing you need to do is spawn the Mole-morph Potion and pick it up.

Next head up to the farm/garden area. Once you’re there just drink your potion and you’ll turn into the mole! Now that you’re the mole you can get into the Farm and start trolling.

All you need to do is go into the Farm and make sure to pop up in the middle of the holes scattered around! It’ll look like you’re a mole that needs to be whacked and you can play a joke on players by running away just before they whack you.

They’ll think that you’re an actual mole, when you’re just another player, and you can fool them to follow you back and forth across the garden, thinking that they need to whack you!

Wrapping Up

This is such a funny way to troll players, and now you know everything you need to turn into a mole and get started! Have you tried this out yet?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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