There is no way to block the ball faster in Roblox Blade Ball. Every player has the same cooldown timer on their blocks, and swords do not affect your block speed either.

However, I think some players get confused about how the block cooldown mechanic works, so I’ll break it down so you can understand how the cooldown timer works and how to land your blocks better!

When you successfully block the ball in Blade Ball, your cooldown timer instantly resets, and you are ready to block again the next time the ball comes at you.

If you time your click wrong and you click too early, your cooldown will have a 3-second timer until you can block again, leaving you open without defense against the ball.

If you time the click too late, you will die from the ball hitting you because you missed the block.

So the best way to “block faster” or remove the block cooldown, in general, is to ensure that you correctly time your deflects when clashing, which will keep clearing the cooldown on each successful deflect.

At this time, there are no swords, items, or gamepasses available that players can use to make their blocking faster or remove cooldown time, so you’ll have to rely on just your personal skills and reaction time to win clashes!

I hope this guide clears up how blocking works and if it’s possible to block faster in Blade Ball.

Happy Blading!