How to Build a Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

minecraft bamboo

Interested in learning how to build a bamboo farm in Minecraft?

Bamboo is a vital resource and can be used in several ways, with the most common being as fuel, as scaffolding or as a means of breeding baby pandas and helping them grow big and strong.

In this guide we’ll show you how to set one up and why they are essential to thrive in Minecraft.

Building the Bamboo Farm

This will depend on the bamboo farm you choose to build. You can either go for a manual or automated farm. Here is a guide for each:

Automated (Redstone) Farm:

  • Step one: Place a block of grass under light conditions. This means no more than nine spaces below ground level.
  • Step two: Place a mine cart underneath the grass block with hoppers. This will allow you to collect the bamboo at your leisure.
  • Step three: Plant your bamboo into the grass block. Be sure to fill the space from ground level right down to the grass block so that the bamboo falls directly.
  • Step four: Place a piston two spaces up from the grass block where you planted the bamboo. Then add an observer just above this. Both must be facing the bamboo.
  • Step Five: Place some redstone dust behind the observer. This will power the piston and this will automatically chop your bamboo at regular intervals.

Here is a video tutorial if you need extra help:

Natural Bamboo Farm: This method is as simple as picking a spot on the ground and planting your bamboo.

This crop does not need any special tilled soil to grow, the crop does not need to be grown near a body of water and if left for a long period of time, bamboo can grow to extraordinary heights.

The only downside is that this crop cannot be planted in a straight row, meaning that it can look rather aesthetically unappealing.

Why Do I Need a Bamboo Farm?

While there are a wide variety of reasons why you might want to invest your time building a bamboo farm, we believe that two reasons stand has and shoulders above the rest. Here is a quick list below:

Raising Pandas: Firstly, there is the ability to breed and raise pandas as pets. While this doesn’t really serve any sort of purpose, you can’t dispute that those little guys are really cute.

Plus, they have their own unique personalities and genetic traits. Anyone with a heart can see why this is an appealing feature and to bring this to life, you’ll need a tonne of bamboo.

Infinite Fuel: Then alternatively, you can hook your bamboo production up to a furnace and if you produce bamboo in adequate amounts, you’ll be able to create a situation where you produce more fuel than you could ever hope to use.

You’ll need a sizable production but it is possible if you manage your output cleverly.

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