Unfortunately, they were kind of expensive & sold out the entire stock within 2 minutes.

But, don’t worry, there is still a way to get one if you feel like spending a lot of money.

Where to Buy a Huge Cat Plush

Since the Huge Cat plush sold out so quickly, many people didn’t get a chance to buy one. YouTubers with a lot of money bought more than they needed to & didn’t give other players in the community a chance to get one.

Some even spent over $1,500 to buy 30 cat plushies for themselves!
They are currently out of stock on Big Games website & there is no information on if more will be stocked & sold.

So if you didn’t get one, you are probably out of luck.

The only way to get one for yourself is to buy it on a secondary market Like eBay or similar online resale websites.

However, be prepared to spend a lot of money as these Huge Cat plushies sell for $300 – $400 brand new with the exclusive code.
pet simulator x huge cat plush

If you have the money to pick up one of these at this price, you probably should, as no more will likely be made! Since they are rare, there is a chance that the plush will keep rising in price.

Redeem the Huge Cat Plush Code

If you get your hands on one of the rare Huge Cat plushies, you also get a limited code that comes with it! If the code wasn’t already claimed by someone else, you could get the Huge Cat inside of Pet Sim X!

To redeem the code, first, check the tag on the plushie. The code is listed right inside of the tag. Write or copy it down so it’s easy to access when you redeem it in-game.

Now head into Pet Sim X and open the “Exclusive Shop” menu. Find the section that says “Redeem for Exclusive Pets” & click it. A box to enter the code should now pop up on your screen.
pet simulator x huge cat plush
Enter your code from the Huge Cat plushy here & you will get the in-game variant added to your team! The Huge Cat is powerful but can’t be made into golden, rainbow, or dark matter variants.

You can also trade it to other players for many strong pets if you don’t want it anymore.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about getting your hands on one of the rarest pets in Pet Simulator X!

If you have a lot of money, it might be worth purchasing one!