How to Buy Gorilla Tag Plushies & Merch

gorilla tag plushies merch

Gorilla Tag, originally released on February 12, 2021, has a thriving community of gorilla enthusiasts who are looking to bring the game into real life through plushies and other merch.

This article will share what plushie options are available, and where to find them.

Where to Buy Official Gorilla tag Merch

Although @LemmingVR does not have any official tweets on Gorilla Tag merch or any official stores, we can assume that as the game continues to develop and grow, perhaps the developer team will move into offering their fans official merchandise. 

Due to the demand for Gorilla Tag merch, there is a multitude of sellers making unofficial merchandise on RedBubble for fans, such as graphic Tees, gorilla-themed stickers, and even birthday cards.

Another place to find unofficial merch for Gorilla Tag is Esty, where you can find a collection of handmade 3D models and stickers.

Where to Find Gorilla Tag Plushies

Currently, Gorilla Tag plushies are not officially made, despite fans wanting their own monkey plush to run around with in real life.

Until the developers decide to roll out their own plushie merchandise line or a third party begins to make a dedicated plush line, fans of Gorilla Tag may want to consider making their own gorilla plush using a template or tutorial online.

Currently, not a lot of tutorials exist for gorilla-specific plushies, however, this tutorial shares the basics of making plushies and can help fans come up with great ideas for their own gorilla plush.

Wrapping Up

With an ever-expanding community drawn to Gorilla Tag’s updates, such as the new Mountain Map, a demand for official Gorilla Tag merch is on the rise. Until the developers decide to create official merch, third-party sites with unofficial merch are available, or there is an option to handmake your own gorilla plush.

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions on how to find official or unofficial Gorilla Tag merch, please comment below.

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