PSX is the sequel to the 2018 award-winning game Pet Simulator and plays out pretty much the same where you collect coins and diamonds to get better items and pets.

The primary use of coins in PSX is to purchase eggs that hatch pets while you spend diamonds on upgrading, combining or trading for Exclusive pets.

To most players, diamonds are called gems and are more valuable than coins since they have more uses.

The biggest problem for most players is that collecting coins and gems takes too much time. So instead, buying pets and gems is much easier.

Yet how and where can we buy pets and gems?

This article serves as a guide to buying Pet Simulator X pets and gems using real money and tips for securing a safe and worthy transaction.

How to Buy Pet Simulator X Pets & Gems Online

how to buy pet sim x gems on ebay
Where can we buy Pets and Gems? The answer is online on websites like eBay, Z2U, and Player Auctions.

Let us use eBay as our primary example.

When you go to eBay, the homepage greets you with a couple of features and a search bar on top.

Put the keywords “Pet Simulator X Pets” and choose Video Game Merchandise in the drop-down list of categories.

Doing this should bring up a couple of Pets, Gems, or bundles of both on sale.
how to buy pet sim x gems on ebay

Once you have seen a seemingly good deal, check the seller for their reputation.

A high-rated seller is more likely to be reliable and honest, while a low-rated seller is less likely to give you what you want.

After confirming that the seller has excellent ratings and good reviews, buy the item, next is to message the seller and arrange a meet-up in the game for trading.

For example, here are two sellers with high ratings for the products you need. One is gameshop11, and the other is dhobigames.

Spending money may not be an inexpensive way of getting ahead in the game, but it is most undoubtedly efficient.

The amount of time you will spend grinding may all go to waste, and you do not even get any fun out of it.

The money you spent is time and effort both saved.

Is It Safe to Buy Pet Simulator X Pets & Gems Online?

Nothing is guaranteed online unless you buy products from their official stores.

Content selling in-game will be hard to monitor, so sales usually push through outside the game in a peer-to-peer transaction or through third-party websites.

eBay is one of the few that is relatively reliable. The review and rating system allows players to check whether the seller is trustworthy or not.

However, the lack of official authority in security still provides a slim chance of getting duped and tricked out of your money.

As general advice, do not disclose personal information, bank details, and card details in public or private transactions.

Moreover, avoid websites that look very scammy such as those with multiple pop-up ads or links over the webpage.

Otherwise, make sure to spend your time and resources wisely. Enjoy your pets without grinding!