How to Change Family in Demonfall Roblox

demonfall roblox change family

Demonfall is a brand new Demon Slayer based game that you can play on Roblox. You can only get 3 rolls when starting your character. In this guide we’ll show you have to change & re-roll your family.

How to Change Family in Demonfall Roblox

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Demonfall is a new popular Demon Slayer based game in Roblox. You can pick a family when you first start but you only get 3 chances to roll.

If you want to change your family in Demonfall, follow these simple steps below!

  1. The hard & free way to change your family on Demonfall is to find the Black Merchant. The Black Merchant can be found in Hayakawa Village & Okuyia Village.

    His spawn changes in each village, so you might have to search around for him.

    demonfall roblox black merchant

  2. Talk to the Black Merchant when you find him. He will have 2 different options to buy things from him.

    To change your family you will need to buy a “Wipe Potion” from him. The Wipe Potion is a random reward from purchasing the “Unknown Item“.

    demonfall roblox black merchant

  3. If you are lucky you will receive the Wipe Potion when you purchase the unknown item. Other possible items that you might get instead are the Breath Indict, Muzan Blood, or the Sawed Off Shotgun.

    Breath Indict resets your breathing points, Muzan Blood resets your demon art & the Sawed Off Shotgun is a weapon.

  4. If you get lucky & you do get the Wipe Potion, all you have to do is drink it. After you drink it you will be taken to the character creation screen to re-roll & change your family!

    NOTE: Using the Wipe Potion will reset your whole character! Your points, history, money & everything will reset!

    demonfall roblox wipe potion

  5. The second way to reset your family & re-roll your family tree is to buy it with Robux. You can get 3 more re-rolls by spending 75 Robux.

    You can keep buying these re-rolls to change your family as many times as you want!

    demonfall roblox change family

    That’s every way that you can currently change & re-roll your family in the new Roblox game Demonfall!

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Wrapping Up

Demonfall is a super popular new game in Roblox that all Demon Slayer fans are loving. Are you enjoying it so far?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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