How to Change your Gamerpic on Xbox App 2021

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Uploading a custom gamer picture to your Xbox profile is simple & takes only a few minutes. There are two different way to upload your own custom image, we’ll show you how to below.

Xbox Mobile App Custom Gamer Picture

The first & easiest method to upload your own profile picture to your Xbox account is through the Xbox mobile app.

Download the Xbox app from the appstore on your mobile device. The app is available for both Android & Apple devices.

xbox customer gamer picture

Once you have the Xbox app downloaded, open it & sign in with the same information you use to sign into your Xbox console.

Click on the small, circular profile photo highlighted in the picture below.

how to customize xbox gamer picture

After you tap on your profile photo you will see an option to select a preset profile image provided by Xbox or upload one of your own.

Tapping the icon highlighted in the example below will now allow you to select an image from your mobile device & display it as your custom Xbox profile picture.

custom xbox gamer picture 2021
custom xbox gamer picture 2021

That’s it! As long as your image meets Xbox’s guidelines & isn’t something illegal, violent or offensive, you should be able to see your new profile picture within 15 minutes.

Upload From Your Xbox Console

While the easy route through the app is the best & fastest method, you can still upload a custom image from the Xbox console dashboard.

Here’s how:

  • Hit the home button
  • Scroll all the way to the right to Profile & System
  • Click on your profile, then hit “My Profile”
  • Hit Customize Profile, then “Change Gamerpic”
  • Select Upload a Custom Image in the top right
  • Select your images from One Drive or a USB plugged into your console

We hope this short guide on customizing your Xbox profile picture was helpful and will keep you updated on any developments.

Please leave a comment or message below if you have something to share or need help uploading your profile picture!

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