Remnant 2 is a pack of random events, puzzles, and collectibles that players might miss on their first game playthrough. The Arrest Event is one of those, and you can easily miss this if you already beat the world boss in Yaesha.

This guide will tackle the entirety of the Arrest Event, how to get arrested and finish the event so you can get a fantastic reward afterward.

How To Trigger The Arrest Event

knocking at the large doors of the red throne in remnant 2

You must let your character die while fighting the Eternal Empress' guards to activate this event. This means that you won't necessarily be befriending the Empress.

There are a few requirements that you need to know before you can get arrested. The first requirement would be to spawn at the Red Throne Area in Yaesha.

Next would be to get arrested or thrown into the dungeon. For this sequence to activate, you need to do these steps:

  1. Run straight into the temple and approach the Red Double Doors.
  2. Talk to the Empress' Assistant.
  3. Choose the option with the "Fight Indicator."
  4. Purposely die to the Pan Warriors.

That's how easy it is to trigger the Arrest Event. If you start at the Forbidden Grove, consider additional Adventure Mode runs to spawn into the Red Throne area.

Another thing to note is that this event won't be possible if you defeat the Yaesha World Boss without meeting the Empress' Assistant.

How to Finish The Arrest Event and Get The Royal Broadsword

royal broadsword in the red throne in remnant 2

Once the guards throw you into prison, the Eternal Empress will reveal her true identity, which happens to be the Assistant herself. Afterward, the Empress will unlock the door, allowing you to escape.

To get to the Royal Broadsword and escape the dungeon, follow these steps:

  1. From the jail cell, turn right until you can go up the first set of stairs.
  2. Keep going around the hallway until you encounter an enemy, which you should eliminate.
  3. From where the enemy was standing, go to that point, and you should see an indentation along the wall with a ledge.
  4. Climb up the ledge and claim the Royal Broadsword from the wooden bench.
  5. Scour the entire third floor until you find an Illusory Wall to escape the dungeon.

After escaping the dungeon, you're finished with the Arrest Event.

It's worth noting that Hardcore players can't get this weapon nor trigger this event, considering your character has to "die" to get arrested.

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