There are a ton of random events that pop up in Remnant 2. You may find one while randomly exploring the dungeon or even while you’re casually progressing throughout the story. One such event is called The Coffin, and in this guide, we’ll be breaking it down to help you complete this fun sidequest.

The Coffin Event Completion Guide

The first thing you want to ensure is that you’re in the following locations: The Chimney, The Twisted Chantry, and The Lament, as The Coffin event only triggers in these specific maps.

Moving forward, while randomly exploring any of the maps, you might wander into a room with an open coffin. You can jump into the coffin, which provides you with a way forward. Make sure to check behind the first set of stairs, as there is a Bereserker’s Crest accessory lying on the ground.

Venturing further into the area, you’ll fight against an elite enemy called Rot. While the boss isn’t all that difficult, it might catch you off-guard with its attacks. Ensure that you’re timing your rolls properly, and you’ll be able to beat this beast in no time.

rot boss in remnant 2 with regenerator and shocking mutators

Do note that the Rot will sometimes have modifiers that completely alter the fight’s landscape. Considering the Rot’s boss arena is very narrow and small, you must be wary of modifiers like Shocking or Vortex.

Defeating the Rot will grant you an item called Extender, which you can equip on Hand and Long Guns with an available Mutator Slot. At this point, you’re basically done with the entire Coffin Event.

Is the Coffin Event Worth Doing?

the coffin event rot boss in remnant 2

The Coffin Event is absolutely worth the hassle and effort of a boss fight. As mentioned, you’ll get the Berserker’s Crest, which increases your Melee Charge Speed and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25% simultaneously.

Also, you’ll be acquiring the Extender, which you can add to your gun to have more ammo during fights. The Extender can even be upgraded to Level 10, basically giving you 40% more ammo in one magazine and increasing empty reload speed by 15%.

Overall, both items definitely bring value to the table, especially if you’re going for a melee build or you want less downtime during boss fights. We highly recommend you finish the Coffin Event if you ever encounter it during your playthrough.