How to Craft a Flower Pot in Minecraft

minecraft flower pot recipe

Finding a naturally spawning flower pot in Minecraft can be difficult.

Crafting them is the easiest way to obtain a flower pot in Minecraft. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about crafting and using the Flower Pot.

How to Craft a Flower Pot

A flower pot can be crafted using three bricks on a crafting table.

The bricks need to be positioned in the shape of a pot on the crafting table with one brick on the middle left, one centre bottom and the third middle right.

Take a look at the crafting recipe below to see the layout for crafting a flower pot. This should make it easier to understand how the recipe looks.

minecraft flower pot crafting recipe

What are Bricks?

Bricks are a necessary item for crafting flower pots and brick blocks used for building. This item can be crafted by you or bought from a villager.

minecraft bricks recipe

Here’s how to get bricks in Minecraft:

  • Bricks can be created by putting a clay ball into a furnace, blast furnace or smoker and can be made using any fuel in the game.
  • They can also┬ábe bought from novice-level stone mason villagers
    • Bedrock Edition villagers sell 16 bricks for one emerald
    • Java Edition villagers sell 10 bricks for one emerald

Smelting one clay ball will make one brick. To make a flower power you will need to collect three clay balls & craft them into bricks.

How to Get Clay

If you are crafting a flower pot yourself, you will need to get clay. Here’s how you can get clay balls:

  • Mining or breaking a clay block using a non-Silk Touch enchanted tool will give you four clay balls
  • Loot from Village chests
    • Java Edition: Desert House Chest and Mason’s Chest
    • Bedrock Edition: Desert House Chest and Mason’s Chest
  • Mason Villagers might throw the player a clay block as a gift if they have the Hero of the Village status effect. It can be placed and broken to make clay balls
    • This is for Java Edition Only

Clay blocks are most commonly found underwater so always look for them in the water first. You don’t need any special tools to collect clay in Minecraft.

Using a shovel will let you collect clay faster than normal but it’s not required.

How to Use a Flower Pot

In Java Edition, flower pots can be placed against any surface in the game.

minecraft flower pot

The Bedrock Edition requires plan pots to be placed on top of a full-block surface, on top of a fence, a stone wall or a hopper. So they cannot be placed on slabs or stairs in the Bedrock Edition

All you need to do is collect the mushroom, flower or plant you want to go into the flower pot.

With the pot in your Hotbar, click to place the pot wherever you want it. Then add the flower you want in it to your Hotbar as well and click on the flower pot to put it inside.

You now have a flower pot with something in it!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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