To survive your journey across Embervale, you’ll need to forage and craft various tools of the trade to get you where you need to be in one piece. If you’re in search of Alchemical Base and not sure how to get your hands on it, we’ll get you across the finish line.

How to Craft Alchemical Base in Enshrouded

To craft an Alchemical Base, you must first unlock the Alchemy Station and combine Shroud Liquid, Mycellium, Water, and Shroud Spores to prepare a single vial of the base.

unlocking the alchemy station in enshrouded

Each unit takes 3.5 minutes to cook at the station and will unlock recipes for Great Mana Potion and Antiseptic the first time you complete one and add it to your inventory.

If you don’t have the Alchemy Station yet, you’ll need to complete the Alchemist’s Ancient vault and then finish his set of specific quests, after which he’ll reward you with the station to place at your base.

Uses for Alchemical Base

This material is vital in crafting life-restoring/extending items you’ll need in the late game to stay alive. It is a highly sought-after ingredient, and you will probably spend a decent portion of your time gathering it.

Here are some additional items that require the base as an ingredient. 

  • Shroud Meteor Spell
  • Large Magic Chest
  • Extraordinary Glider

Essentially, every item that requires the base to craft has a use, unlike some recipes in the game, which have little use the further you progress in the world.