How to Download Among Us Evil Bully Mod

among us evil bully mod

A unique reversal of the typical imposter mod, the Among Us Evil Bully mod transforms the imposter into the target.

What is the Evil Bully Mod in Among Us?

The Evil Bully mod changes the gameplay up quite a bit. In this mod, the imposter will spawn as the Nerd, and all other crewmates will spawn as a Bully.

The Bullies focus on bullying the Nerd, and the Nerd complete tasks throughout the map to escape school.

If the Nerd successfully completes all the tasks, they are able to escape school and win the match.

In this mod the map has changed. The layout is familiar however you’ll find lots of differences. There are tons of lockers, play areas, school desks, and more scattered all around the map.

This gives it an authentic feel that thematically meshes with the Evil Bully mod.

‘Nerd Zones’ are another element of the game. The Nerd becomes invisible when in these specific zones.

Nerd Abilities

among us bully mod nerd

The Nerd has a ton of new abilities for this mod, and players can even find new abilities by searching trashcans around the map.

  • Gun-Steal – Allows the Nerd to steal a Bully’s gun making them shoot useless staples for a period of time.
  • Swirly – Summons toilets on top of all Bullies within the area preventing them from doing anything.
  • Glue-Trap – Throws down a bottle of glue at the target area. If any Bully touches the bottle, it will explode placing glue on the immediate area that slows down movement.
  • Invisible – Allows the Nerd to become temporarily invisible for a set period of time.
  • Teleport-Wall – Summons a giant wall that the Nerd can freely place on the map. Any Bully who touches this wall teleports to a random location on the map.
  • Zoom-Out – Allows the Nerd to zoom the camera out, select a target, and kill a Bully with a giant pencil that falls from the sky.
  • Search – Allows the Nerd to search a nearby trashcan they are standing at.
  • Speed – Increases the run speed of the Nerd for a set period of time.
  • Pencil-Stab – Throws a lethal pencil at a nearby Bully, killing them.
  • Teleport – Allows the Nerd to teleport throughout the map.

There is a mini-game that the Nerd can find in the trashcans. They can activate it at any time, but there must be one in their inventory. This mini-game is called the Fire-Drill ability.

In this mini-game, all the Bullies attempt to climb a giant stack of books and make it to the finish line at the top.

If a Bully makes it to the top they win the round. The Nerd can drop items on them, and try to prevent them from reaching the top.

Each time a Bully is eliminated, they are removed from the climbing game. They have their gun taken away and have their controls scrambled for a period of time.

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can

As the Nerd, players are on their own and must complete every single objective on the map on their own.

This can lead to some pretty tricky situations. But, with the Nerd’s ability kit there is always a solution to any situation a player will find themselves in.

Once the Nerd completes all tasks, they must escape to the school bus in order to win the round.

For a full, video overview on this mod, check out Ssundee’s video below.

Currently, there is no publically available download link for this mod.

Wrapping Up

This is a very in-depth mod, and it looks like the creators did a great job of balancing abilities on both sides in order to create some really exciting games.

We hope that you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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