How to download FNF Vs. Sonic.exe Mod

fnf vs sonic.exe mod

FNF has a brand new mod almost every week. This game is really popular lately which has attracted a lot of attention from players & the modding communities. This weeks newest mod is FNF Vs. Sonic.exe. This is no ordinary Sonic. Prepare for a creepy dance off with sanic’s evil twin.

How to download FNF Vs. Sonic.exe Mod

  • Download the mod files directly using this link or go to & search for FNF Vs. Sonic.exe
  • Wait for the RaR file to finish downloading.
  • Unzip the RaR archive using WinRaR or a similar software
  • Open the main folder & find the folder called Bin
  • Inside of the Bin folder click Sonic.Exe.exe
  • Load the game. You can now play the mod!

Unlock Secrete Sound Test Songs

fnf vs sonic.exe sound test

At first glance it may seem that there is only one song to play for the FNF Vs. Sonic.exe mod week, but there are actually three. In order to unlock the other two songs you must first beat Sonic in the first song.

After you beat Sonic you will unlock a secret on the main menu called “sound test”. If you open this menu there is a screen with some numbers & letters on it that don’t make much sense.

Enter in any of the two codes that you received earlier after defeating Sonic. One unlocks the endless song & the other unlocks the

Endless Act

To unlock the endless song open up the sound test menu & type in the code PCM NO.12 & DA NO.25. This will launch this secret song & you can now play it.

Execution Act

In order to unlock the second secret song in FNF Vs. Sonic.exe you must go to the sound test menu & type in the code PCM NO.07 & DA NO.07. This will trigger the executions song & throw you right into the game to play it.

Extra Codes

On top of the two hidden songs inside of the sound test codes, there are some other one that you can enter that will show you a funny meme or image with sound effects. These are mostly for fun & don’t have any songs tied to them.

All of the rest of the codes are:

  • 03 01
  • 41 01
  • 12 11
  • 11 09
  • 32 08
  • 06 09
  • 69 27

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about FNF Vs. Sonic.exe mod & how to unlock all of the hidden songs & easter eggs! We hope you enjoy this weeks FNF mod.

If you found this article helpful please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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