How to Download & Install FNF Vs. Dusttale Mod

fnf vs dusttale mod

This week we have a brand new FNF mod that pits you against the classic Dusttale characters we all know & love. This is a fun mod to play if you’re a fan of both Dusttale & FNF. In this short guide we’ll show you how to find the mod & where to download it!

How to Download & Install FNF Vs. Dusttale Mod

  1. Follow these steps below to get your hands on the mod & start playing:
  2. First you will need to go to & search for the mod or download the files directly
  3. After you have the files installed, extract the .zip
  4. Open the folder which was extracted from the download file & locate the .exe file
  5. Run the .exe & the game will start up
  6. You can now play the FNF Vs. Dusttale mod!

Mod Features

This mod is very well made & includes a ton of content for you to play that will most likely take you a while to complete. Some of the songs require you to take a different route in order to unlock. Below is a list of every song that you can play with this mod & how to unlock it.

  • The Murderer Song (Sans VS BF)
  • Red Megalovania Song (Sans VS BF)
  • Drowning Song (Sans VS BF)
  • Psychotic Breakdown Song (Sans VS BF)
  • D.I.E Song (Sans VS BF)
  • Anthropophobia Song (Genocide Route)
  • Hallucinations (Papyrus VS BF)
  • Anthropophobia Song (Pacifist Route)
  • Last Hope Song (Chara Vs BF)
  • Reality Check (Sans VS BF)
  • Wounded Shooting (Sans vs Pico)

In order to take the pacifist route don’t attack in the last song of Sans when you are prompted to attack him. If you attack you will ruin your chance fo taking the pacifist route.

If you want to take the genocide route then you should attack Sans when you are prompted to.

There are no “hidden” tracks in this mod just some that you need to unlock by doing certain tasks.

Difficulty Level & Bugs

Many players on the GameJolt forums are claiming that the mod is very well done, but is stressful & very challenging to play. Trap notes end up stumping a lot of the players & some claim that the charting isn’t very good & could use some updating.

One player even stated that the mod was made intentionally annoying as to drive you crazy just like Sans from Dusttale. Either way it’s a very well made mod & has been downloaded over 40,000 times as of writing this article.

It seems as if the devs are always improving & have even update this mod at least once since it came out a few days ago.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to download & install the FNF Vs. Dusttale mod. We hope that you found this short guide helpful.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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