How to Download & Install Teardown Mods for PC

teardown mods how to install

Teardown is an awesome physics-based sandbox game where you can literally “teardown” & destroy basically anything that you see on the map. The vanilla tools are cool but the game get really fun when you introduce mods. In this short guide we show you multiple ways to download & install mods for Teardown.

Installing Teardown Mods Using Steam Workshop

The best & easiest way to install mods for Teardown is using Steam workshop. Follow the steps below.

teardown mods steam community workshop
  1. Find a Teardown mod that you want to try using the dedicated Steam community workshop.
  2. View the mod’s description page & hit the green “subscribe” button (must be signed in).
  3. Quit & re-start Teardown if it’s currently running.
  4. Start the game & you should now see a new option called mods in the menu.
  5. Select the mods you just subscribed to & enable them.
  6. Start the game & you can now play Teardown sandbox mode with various different mods from the workshop!

Installing Mods From .Zip Files
  • Using a website such as or similar find a mod pack that you want to try.
  • Download the .zip files to your computer.
  • Move the .zip files to the “mods” folder inside of your Teardown files
  • Unzip the file archive to the mods folder using WinRar or similar.
  • Load up Teardown & you should now see a new option called mods when you hit “play”.
  • Enable your desired mods. You can now play with them in the sandbox!

Wrapping Up

Installing mods in Teardown for PC is pretty easy & straightforward. Using one of the two methods above should get you going with installing your first mods.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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