How to Edit Your House in Adopt Me! on Roblox

how to edit your house in adopt me

In popular Roblox game Adopt Me! you can decorate and design your own home! In this guide we go over how to get started designing your own house, and all of the fun furniture and decor to use.

How to Design Your First House in Adopt Me!

When you first join Adopt Me!, you start off with a tiny home for free. This house comes with one small bedroom and bathroom, and a living room.

You can change the color of the outside of your home, and you can decorate the inside!

buy new house adopt me!

When you start earning some money you can consider buying a bigger house! There are plenty of home choices, a few being the Family Home ($489), the Treehouse ($800), the Estate ($972) and so much more.

You’ll just have to save up some money first for these ones!

But don’t worry, you can get started right away with your tiny home, and it isn’t too expensive to start! When you’re in your home, all you have to do is select “Edit house” at the top of your screen.

Once doing this, options for “stuff”, “walls”, and “floors” come up. Click on each of these, and you will see all of the items you can buy to change your house!

You can edit each room in your home, and there are furniture items for each room. Once done editing, just click “Stop editing” and enjoy your home!

Designing the Exterior

exterior house adopt me!

When standing outside of your house, just click the “E” on the mailbox and options will pop up. Click “Change House” and a screen showing your homes will pop up.

Here you can change the color of your house, and you have the option to sell it.

how to change color house adopt me!

To change the color just click “Paint Color”, and now you can pick out of a bunch of color options. Now your house is a different color!

Stuff (Furniture & Decor)

stuff house adopt me!

When clicking the “Stuff” button, all of the options will pop up at the bottom of your screen. There are 40 categories of furniture and decor to look through!

Some things cost more than others, but there are plenty of affordable items.

moving furniture adopt me!

Pick some decor or furniture, and move it around the room by clicking and holding the blue cross arrow button. Now just drag your item wherever you like.

You can also rotate your items to fit anywhere in your room!


change walls house adopt me!

Another part of your home you can decorate is the walls! There are plenty of wall options, with 8 pages of wallpaper. All ranging from $1 to the highest being $10,000.

change walls adopt me!

To change your walls is very simple. Just choose your option, and look at the preview.

Now you can either click the red x to choose something else, or the green check to buy your wallpaper!


change floors house adopt me!

The last category of things you can change are the floors! For floors, there are the same options as walls.

Just click “Floors” and you will see all of your options pop up at the bottom of your screen.

change floors adopt me!

Floors, just like walls, are also very simple to use. Just click to see the preview, and then decide if you want to keep the design or not.

Selling Things and Cleaning Up

You can sell anything that is in your home. Not everything will make you money, but you can get rid of anything you want. Just click on an item and then click the red trash button.

Another screen will pop up asking if you want to sell your item. Cardboard, crates, and any furniture that came with the home sell for $0.

sell items house adopt me!

But don’t worry, if you buy furniture and decide it’s not what you want, you can easily sell it for full price and get all of your money back!

Wrapping Up

This is how to design and decorate your house in Adopt Me!. Have you decorated your house? What kind of house do you have?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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