How to Escape The Depths in Deepwoken Roblox

how to escape the depths in deepwoken roblox

Deepwoken is a brand new anime-style fighting game that just dropped on Roblox. In this guide we’ll show you how to quickly escape The Depths if you happen to find yourself stuck there.

What Are The Depths in Deepwoken?

The Depths is a dangerous purgatory-like area in Deepwoken where your soul goes if you die too many times.

While attempting to escape this area you will have to avoid or fight dangerous NPCs such as Jellyfish, Seekers, Angels & various other creatures.

Dying at all in The Depths will force you to wipe your character & you will have to restart your progress. Use extreme caution when engaging in combat down here.

Successfully escaping The Depths will allow you to return back to the normal world & continue your adventure where you left off.

How Do You Escape The Depths?

Spawning into The Depths drops you at a random location. Sometimes you will get a better spawn point than others which makes escaping easier.

Find the Gate

The first thing you need to do is look for the giant walls that tower over the city. If you’ve ever watched Attack on Titan look for giant walls that look similar to those in the show.

Follow the walls until you reach a small gate at the main entrance. If the gate is closed you will have to ring four different bells around the map to open it.

Depending on the server you may get lucky & the gate will already be unlocked for you to walk through.

Ringing the Bells

deepwoken bells location roblox

If the gate is closed you will have to hunt around The Depths for bells. Make sure your game volume is on & your sound is turned up. The bells make a feint ringing sound when you are nearby them.

The bells are usually located in the bell tower looking buildings. Go into the tower & press “E” on the bell to interact with it & ring it. Once you locate & ring four bells the gate will open.

Riding the Elevator to Your Trial

Now that you have entered the walls you will be inside of the “City of the Drowned”. You will need to make your way to the top of the tallest tower to the court area.

You are not safe in these areas. Watch out above you for giant eyes that will spot you with their gaze. When spotted powerful Angels chase after you & engage in combat. They are hard to kill, do your best to stay out of sight.

Head straight back & through a piece of orange coral. Climb the walls in front of you until you reach the top of the huge bridge that separates the city.

Enter the room with the winged statue & walk around to the back side of it. You should see a giant circular elevator.

Jump on the elevator & activate the lever to ascend to your trial. If the elevator isn’t available pull the lever to bring it down.

Completing Your Trial

Once you enter “court” at the top you will get some dialogue. There is a chance that players below power level 10 will gain freedom & leave without a trial.

Prepare to fight a strong NPC.

escape the depths deepwoken

Players above power level 10 get a guaranteed trial.

Dying during the trial wipes your account & you need to purchase another set of lives for 400 Robux to keep playing.

Beat the trial to free yourself & return back to the home world.

Wrapping Up

Good luck soldiers, may the odds be in your favor. We’ve prepared you with all you need to know in order to escape The Depths in Deepwoken.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. Stuck at a certain part? Drop a comment below if you need help!

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