In the dynamic world of Remnant 2, players find themselves delving deep into the forests of Yaesha in search of the elusive Blood Moon Essence. Here’s a short guide on how to farm this essential currency.

How to Farm Blood Moon Essence

To gather Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2, players need to look out for the ethereal Blood Moon phase in the Yaesha region.

When this event activates, it illuminates the overworld in a reddish hue, and floating pink orbs, or Wisps, emerge. Shooting these Wisps grants players the essence. The Wisps will disperse if you get too close, so engage them from afar.

A vital tip for efficient farming is to leave the Blood Moon area and return, making all the Wisps respawn, allowing you to continue the grind.

While the game’s community continues to theorize the exact mechanics of triggering a Blood Moon, the key is persistence and patience.

How to Trigger a Blood Moon

The Blood Moon phase is still shrouded in mystery, with players worldwide speculating on its precise spawning conditions.

Most believe it’s connected to the progression in the Yaesha main quest. As players delve further into this questline, they will observe the skies over Yaesha adopting a distinct red hue, signaling the advent of a Blood Moon.

If the event doesn’t activate, repeatedly fast-traveling can occasionally stimulate its appearance. However, for now, it seems random and primarily based on RNG, so your mileage may vary.

What to do with Blood Moon Essence

Once players have gathered enough Blood Moon Essence, the question becomes: What to do with it?

The primary use for this currency is at the Bloodmoon Altar, nestled near the Root Nexus in Yaesha.

Here, players can purchase unique items, most notably the Faded Grimoire. Collecting 15 Blood Moon Essences to buy the Grimoire is essential for those aspiring to unlock the Summoner class.

After acquiring the Grimoire, a trip to Wallace in Ward 13 will see him crafting the Archetype item needed to equip the Summoner class.

As the Remnant 2 community continues exploring and discovering, more secrets about the Blood Moon Essence will emerge. Stay tuned, and happy hunting!