Playing Remnant 2 is all about farming—grinding to get to this amulet, farming Blood Moon Essence and so on. One of the most asked questions in the Remnant community is how can you farm Root Ganglia? In this short guide, you’ll learn everything about Root Ganglia, how to obtain them, and whether they are farmable or not.

Where to Obtain Root Ganglia?

The only way to obtain a Root Ganglia is by defeating the Prologue boss called Root Mantis. The Root Mantis is an easy boss to fight, considering you have a lot of backup NPCs taking it down with you. Ensure that you’re dodging out of the way when it charges at you, and you’re good to go.

After defeating the Root Mantis, you won’t be able to get any chance of farming this item even if you re-roll your campaign since you’ll be going into Ward 13 after the prologue. Even though you can’t farm the Root Ganglia for weapon mod crafting, there is still a way to get these items easily.

How to get Mods that Require Root Ganglia?

Ava McCabe in Remnant 2Upon your first venture into Ward 13, you’ll be able to craft your first weapon mod, which requires a Root Ganglia. These are some of the starting weapon mods that you can craft using a Root Ganglia:

  • Healing Shot
  • Concussive Shot
  • Scrap Shot
  • Hot Shot

If you think you made a mistake in crafting your first weapon mod or you want to change your role, don’t worry. You can still purchase other starting weapon mods through Ava McCabe in exchange for Scraps. You should choose the buy option instead of craft when talking to Ava.

A lot of players think that the Root Ganglia is valuable when starting out. From what we gathered, the Root Ganglia is only a tutorial-phase item that significantly declines in value when you know your way around the game. We don’t recommend you stress out if you can’t find this item anymore since you can simply purchase the mods that require the Root Ganglia.