If you’ve been playing AFSX then you know as well as I do that walking around the map is super slow & you can’t even get to the other island without a flying/boat mount. In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Fast Travel gamepass & why you need it.

How to Fast Travel in Anime Fighting Simulator X

In order to fast travel in Anime Fighting Simulator X, you must purchase the Fast Travel gamepass from the in-game store for 49 Robux. This pass allows you to interact with all of the bus stops placed around the world & fast travel between them.

To fast travel, simply walk up to any bus stop and hold the “E” key to interact with it. This will take you to a selection screen where you can browse every bus stop in the game and choose which one you want to travel to.

desert fast travel bus stop anime fighting simulator x

As of writing this guide, I counted a total of eight bus stop choices that you can pick from. This will probably increase as the developers add more content & locations.

If you don’t own the gamepass, then you can’t interact with them, so you may not have even realized they were there.

Unfortunately, for free-to-play players, this is the only way to fast travel in the game & make use of the bus stops. However, if you have a few Robux to spare, I think it’s a good deal for the amount of value that it provides you.

This pass saves you a ton of time by letting you jump around to where you need to go instead of walking around or afk flying from island to island (which I can’t stand).

The faster you can move around, the faster you can kill bosses & collect resources. This gamepass could possibly even give you an edge over others when looking for Devil Fruit spawns.

Overall it’s a good investment if you have 49 Robux to spare and plan on spending a lot of time grinding AFSX.