Rainbow Friends is a fun & exhilarating escape room type game where you must complete tasks & avoid monsters.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to feed the Orange monster to keep him calm & complete the game.

Avoiding the Orange Monster

Orange is one of the many monsters you must avoid while playing Rainbow Friends.

He is in the orange cave where the signs say “Orange’s Hideout,” and the Food Dispenser 3000 sits next to his food bowl.
rainbow friends Roblox feeding orange monster
The Orange monster will create an orange trail throughout the map & chase you down if you are near it. However, if you are skilled, then you should easily be able to avoid his path.

Keep your volume turned up & ears open for loud thumping footsteps. The sound of him running and the sight of his orange trail means he is getting close to you!

How to Feed Orange Monster in Rainbow Friends

If you aren’t too skilled & need extra time, you can feed the Orange monster to stop him from leaving his cave for a short period.

To feed him, you must go up to the Food Dispenser 3000 machine, click the red lever, and it will dispense some food into his bowl.

This strategy is helpful for players who move slower or want to take the safer route through the map.

Remember that feeding Orange won’t keep him busy forever. After a short amount of time, he will leave the hideout again & follow his orange path.

You can always come back & feed him again to keep him busy for a while.