How to Find the Agency Secret Cave in Brookhaven

agency secret cave brookhaven roblox

Brookhaven is a well-known popular Roblox game with a simplistic style to it, allowing the players to role-play freely in the town. It features no in-game currency, and some of the items can be bought with Robux. In this article we show you how to find the secret cave!

How to Find the Agency Secret Cave in Brookhaven

  1. First, you want to head in the direction of the Rotten Robbie Gas Station and Car Wash.

  2. To the left of the car wash, there is a mountain. Walk over near the corner on the left side, and there should be a secret door that opens.

    agency secret cave brookhaven roblox

  3. Now you can walk inside. When you walk in, you will notice that this is the same room shown in a movie you watch at the cinema.

    agency secret cave brookhaven roblox

What is Inside the Agency Secret Cave?

When inside the cave you’ll see an entry way with two posters on either side that say “Agency”. On the left side of the entrance, there is a light switch you can interact with.

Once you go through the entry way you can either go left or right, both ways lead to the same room.

Inside of this room there are multiple puzzle type scenarios across the walls, with some interactive lights. There are some levers and secret buttons, but they are not interactive.

One wall has a board that you can now interact with, at one point this wall had a math equation on it, which you could not interact with. On this board will be a message.

agency secret cave brookhaven roblox

When you click on the board a box pops up that says “Words”, you can type a word or a message, press enter and your message will be on the board!

So far, the lights and board are all you can interact with, or solve, but there are new updates added frequently. Make sure to keep an eye out for them, so we can learn who the ‘Agency’ is, and what they want!

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Wrapping Up

This is all we know about the agency secret cave for now! Have you checked it out? What are your theories?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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