How To Find The Catzo Marker in ‘Find the Markers’ Roblox

catzo marker find the markers roblox

A popular Roblox game, Find the Markers sets players out on an adventure looking for different markers on the game map. Some markers are easy to find while others are more complicated to locate. The Catzo Marker is one of the easier ones to find.

There is a different challenge behind each marker, and there are over 150 markers for players to find. By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to find the Catzo Marker!

How To Find The Catzo Marker in ‘Find the Markers’

  • To get the Catzo Marker, first, search for “Find the Markers” on Roblox. Open the game.
  • Then, open the Roblox chat box. 
  • Type in “/E laugh” in the chat box. 
catzo marker roblox
  • You will then be transported to a room made out of yellow bricks. There, you will find the marker.
  • Collect the marker. (You know you’ve collected it if “YOU FOUND Catzo Marker ” appears on the screen.)
catzo marker find the markers

What Other Markers Are There?

As mentioned above, there are over 150 markers you can collect in “Find the Markers.” The rarity of each one varies, with some simply being Challenging while others are Insanely rare. 

find the markers roblox

The Catzo Marker is categorized as “Insane.” Other “Insane” markers include the Shadow Marker, the Evil Marker, the Skinny Marker, the Chicken Marker, and more. 

For beginners, the Big Orange Marker, the Khaki Marker, the Zombie Marker and the Baby Marker are good items to start with. They are simply categorized as “Hard.”

Wrapping Up

The Catzo Marker is quick to locate, especially with a guide like this one. Hopefully, this helps grow your marker collection or even starts it. 

What do you think of this marker? Do you think you can find it without a guide? Do you find it boring? What other markers do you wish to find?

Discuss your thoughts in the comments below! 

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