Enshrouded has had a smooth launch so far. However, one seemingly small bug is causing players a massive headache.

Over the last few days, an uptick of players have reported on Steam Community & Reddit that their rake recipe has disappeared from their workbench.

The problem seems to be that once you hit level 5, you unlock the Scrappy Rake, which requires the basic rake to craft it, which you can’t because the recipe disappears (or never showed up in the first place).

There are also reports of it being available and disappearing before level 5, which is a pain if you didn’t happen to craft one before getting locked out, as it effectively soft-locks your progression.

The developers have officially acknowledged the glitch, but there is no ETA on when we can expect an update to fix it (we hope soon).

With some research and poking through threads, I put together a few hacks you can try out while the devs work out a patch. Remember that these methods aren’t guaranteed and may work for others but not for yourself.

How to Fix Missing Rake Bug/Glitch in Enshrouded

To resolve your glitch/missing rake recipe, the best method currently is to:

  • Pick up your Forge and Kiln.
  • Exit to the menu.
  • Re-enter the game.
  • If you’re lucky, the rake recipe should return to the workbench in the Survival Category.

If that doesn’t seem to do the trick for you, the next most promising method is to:

  • Pick up your kiln, forge & workbench.
  • Join the same world with a new account and get it to level 2.
  • Place a new workbench with the new character & craft the rake.
  • Leave the rake in a chest for your main account to pick up again.

If neither of the above methods works for you, your last resort is to place a new workbench in a new base with just an altar only and see if that is your saving grace.

Hopefully, one of these methods will help get you around this minor yet stressful glitch and save you hours of pulling your hair out while we wait for a fix.