If you want to move quickly around the map in Anime Fighting Simulator X, then flying is essential to have. In this guide, we’ll show you various ways to fly in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

How to Fly in Anime Fighting Simulator X

To fly in Anime Fighting Simulator X, you must acquire a flying mount. All flying mounts in this game work the same, so it’s up to you to decide which mount you like the best and which suits your needs.

The easiest flying mounts to get in the game is Flame Flight. You can unlock this mount by completing quests given by Boom. Once you complete quest 21 from Boom, you will be rewarded with the Flame Flight flying mount.

Boom is located at the end of the walkway that leads to the Champion capsules.

boom npc anime fighting simulator x

This is only one of many flying mounts in Anime Fighting Simulator X. Other flying mounts include The Dragon, Capsule Bike, Flying Mount, Happy Mount, and the Cloud.

It doesn’t seem like different mounts have different speeds or abilities. They all work the same besides how they look, so it’s just up to your preference of how your mount looks.

Flying mount controls in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Once you acquire a flying mount, there are a few simple controls you need to know in order to fly properly. The controls for every mount are the same, so these will work no matter which mount you have.

  • Spacebar: After you equip the mount, hitting the spacebar will toggle the hover mode of the mount. This lets you fly horizontally around the map and does not let you fly up or down.
  • CTRL: When flying around, clicking CTRL will toggle fly-anywhere mode. This flight mode lets you fly in any direction, including up and down. This is the mode most players probably want to use while flying.