How to Get a 404 Demon in Pet Sim X

how to get 404 demon pet sim x

In the new update by Pet Sim X, players can hatch the 404 Demon, one of the most powerful and cool-looking pets in the entire game. This guide will show you how to get a 404 Demon for yourself and outfit your team for easy breaking and OP playing.

How Do You Get a 404 Demon in Pet Sim X?

Hiding behind a purchasable wall in the Tech Shop, beside the Glitch Eggs, the 404 Demon can hatch from the update’s new Hacker Eggs. To find it, you will have to unlock the Hacker Portal and purchase the wall for 500k Diamonds and 10b Tech Coins.

Then you will have access to the Hacker Eggs, available as regular and gold eggs.

You can purchase the regular eggs for 3b Tech Coins and buy the gold eggs for 27b Tech Coins. Unfortunately, among other hatchable pets such as the Hacked Cat and Haxigator, the 404 Demon has a rare chance of being hatched (estimated to be around 0.0035%), so it may take several attempts to hatch this rare pet.

If hatching the 404 Demon becomes too difficult, consider trading other players for their 404 Demon pet.

Is the 404 Demon Worth Getting?

how to get 404 demon pet sim x

As of the new update, the Dark Matter 404 Demon is the strongest pet in all of Pet Sim X. It is one of the first pets to have stats over 1 trillion.

Its regular form starts with 253b Power, almost as strong as a Dark Matter Santa Paws with a Power of 368b.

One Youtuber experimented with the Dark Matter 404 Demon, equipping an alternative account with a complete set of Dark Matter 404 Demon pets. As a result, they could speedrun the entire game in just over 10 minutes with the pet’s collective Power totaling over 100t.

Wrapping Up

With rumors that the portal in the Hacker Portal biome leads to a new world, your pets will want to be charged and ready for the next adventure that awaits. If you’re having trouble hatching the 404 Demon, remember that it is a rare hatch and may need some time and a bit of luck, or you can consider trading someone else for their 404 Demon.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on finding and hatching the 404 Demon pet, please let us know by commenting below.

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