How to Get a Blurred Agony in Pet Simulator X

pet sim x blurred agony

The Blurred Agony is a pretty powerful pet that you can get multiple different ways in Pet Simulator X. While it’s not the best pet in the game, it is the 4th strongest legendary pet which can be very helpful to have on your team. In this guide we’ll show you how to get your hands on a Blurred Agony!

Hatching Chemical Eggs

blurred agony chemical egg pet sim x

The simplest way to get a Blurred Agony is to spend Tech Coins on Chemical Eggs & hatch them until you pull a Blurred Agony. This will cost a lot of Tech Coins & can take a long time since the drop rate is so low.

If you have a lot of Tech Coins & time, this will be the easiest method. You can buy luck boosts when hatching Chemical Eggs to increase your chances of pulling a Blurred Agony.

The drop % is currently unknown but is estimated to be under 0.32%. Hopefully you have good luck when rolling these eggs!

Blurred Agony Fusing Methods

If you don’t have a lot of time or coins to spend hatching eggs then you can try fusing strong pets together to get a Blurred Agony. There are a few different methods to use, so there isn’t one correct way to do it.

Since new stronger pets are added with every update the fusing combinations change. Fuses that worked last update may produce different pets when a new update comes out. These methods may not work for you so take caution.

The last best fusing methods for creating a Blurred Agony is below. These may no longer give a Blurred Agony.

Fuse Method 1

blurred agony golden axolotl
  • You will need a bunch of Golden Axolotls (made by fusing Blurred Bears)
  • Fuse 8 Golden Axolotls together in the fuse machine
  • This should (use to) produce a Blurred Agony 100% of the time

Fuse Method 2

blurred agony blurred bear fuse
  • First you need to have a bunch of Blurred Bears + Golden Axolotls
  • Fuse 7 Blurred Bears + 5 Golden Axolotls
  • This should (use to) produce a Blurred Agony 100% of the time

Hopefully after all of these steps you ended up with a Blurred Agony. If not you can probably get one easier by just trading someone for it, there are a bunch in the game that others should have for sale.

Wrapping Up

Did these methods work for you or did you end up having to purchase a Blurred Agony to save time?

We hope that you found this guide helpful! Let us know in the comments below what you ended up with after trying these fuse methods or if you have any questions or concerns!

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