The Mystery Ticket is a Superior rarity item in Pet Sim 99 that could have been earned from the Limited Time scavenger hunt during update 5. For just a few hours, players had the opportunity to complete a secret scavenger hunt, which rewarded a single Mystery Ticket.

You can’t participate in the hunt any longer, but here are the steps you had to take to complete it.

How to Get a Mystery Ticket in Pet Sim 99

To begin the scavenger hunt, players had to approach the purple building along the right side of the city in the spawn zone. When at the door, typing “knock knock” in the chat made Preston pop out and either tell you a joke or give you a secret hint about the number 5324.

knock knock pet sim 99 update 5 scavenger hunt

After you finally got the hint, you had to teleport to World 72 (Runic Altar) and click the hidden numbers on the Runic stones in the same order as Preston’s code (5324).

Clicking them in the correct order caused your screen to shake and reveal a message to you that said, “A passage has been revealed.”

You had to teleport to the Pyramid Obby in World 31 and locate the hidden letters, spelling SNOWMAN.

This was a hint to head to World 55 (Snowman Town) and click on the nose of every single snowman on the map. There were around 24 snowmen that had to be located spread across the world.

Clicking the last nose revealed another message: “A passage has been opened.”

The vault in the Desert Pyramid lobby was opened, and you could enter it, click the torch to ignite the flame, and be granted one Mystery Ticket.

Mystery Ticket Value in Pet Sim 99

The Mystery Ticket is currently worth between 4m and 5m gems and can only be purchased from other players. The use of the Mystery Ticket is presently unknown as no further information is available.

However, we can assume it will likely offer access to a high-level chest for a chance at rare loot in a future update. We’ll update this guide when we have more info.