How to Get a Pickaxe in Demonfall

how to get a pickaxe in demonfall

Demonfall is a game we’ve covered pretty extensively here at The Helpful Gamer, and this guide is going to show you how to make some easy money using mining! This process will help you obtain those rarer items and breaths in no time!

How to Get a Pickaxe in Demonfall

You’re going to want to start off in Hayakawa Village, head down the main road and take a left towards the very end.

You’ll soon come across the Miner’s Wagon. Interact with the NPC and you’ll be able to buy the pickaxe for 500 yen – this might sound like a steep price, but you’re more than guaranteed to make it back via mining.

how to get a pickaxe in demonfall

Memorize the location of this wagon, as you’ll be selling collected ores to the miner later on.

Now, ensure you have the pickaxe equipped!

Then, take Garry’s wagon to Okuiya Village.

Best Mining Locations in Demonfall

Once you’ve arrived in Okuiya, you’ll want to head towards Sakura Passage. Head under the arch with the large Cherry Blossom to the left and keep following the path.

Keep following the path until you reach a second, identical arch with a similar tree to the left. From here, you’ll be wanting to take a right turn.

Be careful though as Zenitsu, one of the game’s bosses, spawns in this area. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid him and not engage him in combat.

Keep moving, and you’ll come across a cave tucked away in the corner, this is where you’ll find trinkets and ores to mine.

Make sure you explore the entirety of the area as hidden trinkets can spawn – they won’t be visible, but you’ll be given an interact prompt when close enough.

As for ore, you’ll find large rocks scattered around the cave. In order to mine these, equip your pickaxe and attack it.

Ores do deplete, however, and take some time to re-spawn. If you want to maximize your mining, you can always change servers and mine there, repeating this process until you have enough items.

Head back to Hayakawa Village and sell your trinkets to the vendor and your ores to the miner. You can easily make tens of thousands of yen in a few hours by farming ores.

Playing as the Haganezuka family will give you 5x sell price on all ores. So keep this in mind.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this guide will have helped with obtaining the pickaxe and ores, as well as get you enough Yen to purchase an item you’ve been wanting!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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