One Tail is a very strong and sought-after form for pro players in Anime Fighting Simulator X. There are three stages to the form & each one needs you to complete specific requirements to unlock. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock every form.

How to Unlock One Tail in Anime Fighting Simulator X

In order to get the first half-form of the One Tail special, you must defeat the One Tail boss named “Shukaku” at the Sand/Desert island. Defeating him has a very low chance of him dropping the rare One Tail special item.

There is no official drop rate % available, but if you do more damage to the boss, you might have a higher chance of receiving the rare drop.

How to Upgrade One Tail Forms in Anime Fighting Simulator X

shukaku boss anime fighting simulator x

Once you receive the One Tail drop from Shukaku, you must equip and train with it until you unlock every skill. Once you unlock every skill, go back to the sand island and talk to Gora, who is standing by the Shukaku boss arena.

Gora will give you a quest to complete, which requires you to gain 500 Endurance, Strength & Chakra. Once you gain all of the levels needed, talk to Gora again, and he will reward you with the second One Tail form.

There are a total of three One Tail forms in Anime Fighting Simulator X. Once you have successfully unlocked the second form, you will need to train with it again until you have unlocked all skills like with the first form.

After you get all kills for the second form, talk to Gora again, and he will give you another quest that requires you to earn 10 One Tail Shards. One Tail Shards are a currency used specifically for upgrading the One Tail form.

You will need to kill Shukaku multiple times in order to earn One Tail Shards. Once you are able to get the 10 needed to complete the quest, head back to Gora for the last time & he will give you the third upgraded One Tail form.