Panik is a new horror-based game on Roblox set in a grocery store that gets super creepy after hours.

There are many skins & radars items that you can unlock to swag out your avatar & show off your skills.

Items have different ratings called sparkles.

The current sparkle ratings are:

  • Blue Sparkles (2,875 coins or 250 gems)
  • Green Sparkles (5,675 coins or 500 gems)
  • Pink Sparkles (5,675 coins or 500 gems)
  • Yellow Sparkles (12,475 coins or 1,000 gems)
  • Red Sparkles (Exclusive)

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all the killer skins & radars currently available in the game & what they look like on your avatar!

How to Get All Killer Skins in Panik on Roblox

all skins panik roblox

As of the date that we published this article, there are seven skins available to earn/purchase in Panik on Roblox.

You can earn most skins using in-game coins from winning or completing the round in time. Of course, the faster you win, the more coins you’ll win!

The seven killer skins currently available in the game are:

Blue Skins

  • Frayed

Green Skins

  • Terrybite

Yellow Skins

  • Thing
  • Happywise
  • Stitches (bundle)

Red Skins

  • Elite (gamepass)

Skins can be purchased from the shop menu when in the lobby area of the game. However, they cost a lot of coins, meaning you will need to win many games to unlock them all.

Nevertheless, if you are impatient or have some Robux to spare, you can purchase gems from the shop & then use these gems to buy the skins & skip the hours of gameplay.

The shop updates every 24 hours & the items differ for every player, so you will need to log in daily to collect them all, or you can trade other players for them.

How to Get All Radars in Panik on Roblox

all radars panik roblox

Similar to killer skins, radars are a tool used by the human team that alerts the player when the killer is close to them.

Radars come in different versions & have rarities like skins, but there are many more radars than skins currently. You can see all of the current radars below.

Blue Radars

  • Puggy
  • Tabby Nyan Time
  • Ragdoll Nyan Time

Green Radars

  • Toasty
  • Bubblegone
  • Terry Jr.

Yellow Radars

  • Gizmo
  • iMeow
  • Thing
  • Happywise
  • Stitches Jr.

Pink Radars

  • Guesty Head

Red Radars

  • Winner’s Trophy
  • Elite

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about all of the skins & radars that are currently available in Panik on Roblox!

Check back often for new skins & radars that the devs will add to the game in future updates.

Which skin so far is your favorite?