Antiseptic is a late-game resource in Enshrouded that can be crafted at the Alchemy Station using Wood Acid and Aloe. The recipe is unlocked after you craft an Alchemical Base at the station for the first time.

Antiseptic is an essential material once you progress into the later stages of the game and plays a vital role in sustaining your health and increasing your ability to survive the Shroud.

Here are the two major survival items you can craft with it:

  • Cleaned Bandages: These provide +6% healing per second, restoring up to 60% of your health over 10 seconds. Healing stops if you take damage.
  • Greater Shroud Survival Flask: When consumed, it extends your max Shroud survival time by 4 minutes

These are important to have as you get into the late game and find yourself deeper in Shrouded areas with low HP, so you probably want to keep a couple on hand for more dangerous tasks.

Another important use for antiseptics is to craft the Eternal Chain Heal spell, which will jump between nearby allies, healing them for a large chunk of health. It works like the regular Chain Heal spell but has infinite charges; hence, it is “eternal.”

It is not to be confused with the Eternal Heal Channel, which provides a similar healing effect for your allies.

Overall, you’ll need this resource at some point if you plan on making your way through to the end of the game, so make sure you stock up on all of the Aloe and Wood Acid you can.