How to Get Beans in Wacky Wizards Roblox

wacky wizards beany potion

You can get beans in Wacky Wizards by completing a short quest & obstacle course. Beans are a special ingredient that you have to work for in order to get.

What Do Beans Do?

Beans are a special ingredient in the new Roblox game called Wacky Wizards. They can be combined with all of the other ingredients to create cooler, wacky & god tier potions.

Beans are a free ingredient & you do not need to spend Robux to unlock them.

You do not get beans on your ingredients table to begin with. You have to complete a short quest / obstacle course in order to unlock them.

Quest for the Beans

If you prefer a video guide over a written tutorial you can watch our short YouTube video below.

If you’d rather read a written guide over watching a video please follow the step by step instructions below.

Finding the Dynamite

Let’s start the quest by finding the dynamite ingredient & adding it to our table. We need dynamite to create an explosive potion that will open a wall.

Head towards the desert biome. Look for the sandy ground & green cacti to find it.

roblox wacky wizards dynamite

After you find the sandy desert biome keep running into it until you get to a bridge. Under this bridge is where you will find the dynamite.

It is hanging on the side of the wall under the right side of the bridge. The picture below shows you exactly where it is located.

Click on the dynamite to pick it up & take it back to your ingredients table.

roblox wacky wizards dynamite

After you place it on the ingredients table to unlock it, add it to your empty cauldron & create an explosive potion.

roblox wacky wizards explosive potion

Take the explosive potion to the lava / volcano area & drink it in front of the door. Within a few seconds you will explode.

This will kill you & also blow open the rocks blocking the door.

roblox wacky wizards explosive potion

Now the door is open & you can move on to the next part of the quest!

Creating the Giant’s Ear Potion

Next we need to create a giant potion by using the giant’s ear in an empty cauldron. Craft the giant potion & pick it up.

wacky wizards giant potion

Take the giant potion with you back to the cave where you used the explosive potion to clear the rocks.

Inside of the cave there is a small spoon on the ground. Click on the small spoon & pour the giant potion on it to make it grow.

wacky wizards spoon giant potion

Time to move on to the last part of the quest to obtain the beans!

Creating the Tiny Potion With Fairies

The last thing you need to do is create the tiny potion by adding one fairy into an empty cauldron. This will make a tiny potion which you need to complete the quest.

The tiny potion makes you smaller & lighter. This will allow you to take the elevator at the end fo the giant spoon.

If you don’t take the tiny potion you will fall into the lava.

Create the tiny potion & bring it back to the lava cave with the giant spoon one last time.

Drink the tiny potion & wait for your character to shrink. Once you are small take the elevator up to the next level.

Complete the short jumping obstacle course after you take the elevator up to the next level.

Make sure to watch your head so you don’t fall off.

At the end of the obstacle course you will see the glorious beans awaiting for your arrival.

You’ve just completed the quest to unlock the beans ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards!

You can take the beans back to your table to add it to your ingredients.

Beans can be combined with all other ingredients to make funny potions.

Making a potion out of just beans will make a beany potion which turns you into a living bean!

Wrapping Up

Well that’s every step you need to follow in order to unlock the beans ingredient in the new Roblox game Wacky Wizards.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

Screenshots courtesy of YouTuber Premiumsalad

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